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Week of June 22

It feels SO good to be both doing what I love, and photographing it. This past week for the first time since early March I went rock climbing in Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland. I've been diligent about social distancing, minimizing my interactions with others, intentionally keeping 6 feet apart from friends and wearing a mask when it's not possible. It feels like the country is ready to move on from a pandemic that's not quite ready to move on from us, and in the midst of that I've been struggling to strike a balance between re-entering the world gently and properly adhering to safety recommendations. It felt good to be able to escape into nature mid-week. Although bouldering is not usually my preferred style of rock climbing, it was an awesome day of pushing my body, re-connecting with a friend (from a distance!) and shooting a sport I love. This shot was actually unintentional, I was adjusting my settings to get an action shot of Nicola and when I went to edit, I love how it turned out. During this shot, Nicola was chalking up while analyzing the crux of this boulder problem, moments after she went on to send. The weather was 67 and sunny and I couldn't have asked for a better day to ease back into climbing.

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