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"That is the Purpose of life"

When asked what type of photography I do, I always answer with some iteration of "I love shooting people doing what they love outside. Bonus points if it's something I love too." This was my first time shooting while mountain biking and I'm proud of the result. But this time, I'm not just proud of the result. I'm proud of the process. Sometimes it's difficult in the moment to set up and capture the shots you have visualized. I have felt it time and time again, whether I'm in a car or on a hike. Many times before I let the moment pass because I didn't want to create an inconvenience for others or because it seemed like too much work.

In this case, we had to stop biking, I had to take my camera out of my pack, my hands were freezing, I had to ask Andrew to back up his bike and ride it back multiple times, etc. However, I followed my gut on the shots I wanted to get every time. I had a vision, then I carefully asked if it was okay to stop and get some shots. And what a treat it is to be shooting someone with such a yes mentality. Not only did Andrew always say yes, he said it with an unparalleled enthusiasm. A bike ride that usually takes us an hour, took almost three and we enjoyed every moment of it. And the results were extraordinary. Andrew texted me after I shared the pictures with him saying, "I truly feel honored to have been seen by your eye and your talent. Sis, thank you! I feel seen. Thank you!" And I realized I've never had someone be so genuinely moved by my photos. His reaction made me feel seen too. I consistently grapple with imposter syndrome, and Andrew chipped some of that away for me today. And for that, I am grateful.

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