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Week of August 25

The past year has been a whirlwind of mixed emotions. While I look back and feel like each week and month is passing in the blink of an eye, I'm also wrestling with the sensation that the disaster that is 2020 is dragging on. And I'm confronted with a cocktail of conflicting thoughts: I'm ready for the alternate dimension sensation to come to an end, and I want to dig my heels into the idea that one should never be wishing time away. The year has been categorized into two types of periods: one where I can't catch my breath between activities, and the other where I'm completely consumed by my thoughts because of free time in isolation. I have recently transitioned back to a packed schedule with starting a new job and school and it's been an adjustment. But as I vowed during quarantine, I'm being intentional about creating a gentle space for myself and finding time to self-care. I'm being patient, and allowing myself to miss a week of blog posts when life is hectic. I'm holding myself accountable to stay on top of the different adventures I've embarked on. I am holding a place for acceptance and reflection of my thoughts and emotions regarding the current state of the world. Knowing that life may soon get overwhelming, I'm creating sustainable habits to look out for my future self when it does. Waking up early to stretch, utilizing down time at work efficiently, creating time for movement, and general clutter organization. These are habits that will have to do as I take a break from the healing long hours spent in nature at the height of the pandemic.

This picture was taken during the crux of a 12 mile hike after 6,000 ft of elevation gain. The group was in low spirits, trudging on one foot in front of the other to make it to our campsite for the night. There was an air of fear as we rushed to step out of the rocky alpine before sundown, pure exhaustion, and general frustration that we were STILL walking. But as I looked up and caught the magic that was the sun beginning to set behind the White Mountains, I was greeted with a twinge of inspiration, a reminder that this is what it's all about. This photo was taken on my iPhone, as I left behind the camera weight (and so glad I did because the next day's hike involved lowering our packs with p-cord down a steep rock scramble), and is just a reminder that you don't need fancy gear to capture some epic moments.


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