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Week of June 15, 2020

Shooting with fire as a light source has been an intriguing concept for me since I was young. My family has owned a ranch on a mountaintop in Subachoque, Colombia. My love for adventure developed at the ranch as we spent weekend after weekend running around the vast land and up and down mountains. We frequently hosted extended family and it became what it is today- a unique home to bring people together in a beautiful place. My uncle is an incredible photographer and has captured some jaw dropping shots at our ranch. I remember one time specifically, where we were doing a bonfire and I had made a torch out of a big stick with the fire. My uncle asked me to stand still while holding the torch, and he got a great shot of my face lit up by the fire from the torch. I remember seeing the photo and being surprised at not only how well it turned out considering the low light, but also how powerful the shot felt with the light of the fire. Since then, I get giddy at opportunities to shoot fire or with fire as a light source. The moment of this photo will forever hold a special place in my heart. We went to visit friends down in Virginia Beach this past weekend and one night we made a fire on the beach. After a sunset swim we sat, giggled, ate smores, listened to music, and enjoyed some much needed good company late into the night. These are the moments I live to create and capture.


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