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Week of July 20

The impacts of COVID-19 have been a cocktail of terrifying, exhausting, inspiring and rejuvenating emotions. When I put the past few months on paper, I look at COVID-19 in stages. The early stage, where we ignorantly believed this would be a couple of weeks, the inspiration phase, where we realized it would be at least a few more weeks so might as well get comfortable and learn something new, the grief stage where we started cancelling big plans and realizing this would be much longer than anticipated, and where I am now - the create a new normal phase. Emotionally I've been all over the place during this pandemic but where I can concentrate my gratitude is the ability to explore the complex trail systems and piece together distantly familiar streets for new elaborate bike routes. On these explorations I have developed a profound sense of pride in my small Maryland town. There is so much beauty tucked behind the small trail signs and openings on the side of the road. This sunflower field is one of them. A short 10 minute drive from my house, this sunflower patch has existed for many years. I've been once before years ago- a few weeks after peak bloom - but have otherwise been so engulfed in bigger and further adventures to make time to come back. And this year I finally did - and what a joy. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers and I can't imagine too many people have the opportunity to mosy through fields and fields of their favorite flowers for free just a few short miles from home. Check out more awesome shots from this day in the places tab. The clouds before a storm made for a very moody scene, and the result is BEAUTIFUL!


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