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Week of July 13

Oh, how I've been longing for a vast expanse. I love this photo, because it captures the epicness and depth of the view on one of the summits of the Three Ridges wilderness. This past week I went on my first backpacking trip since CoVID-19 hit and it filled my soul with an energy I've been craving since quarantine started. Executing a well-planned and safe trip feels like a valuable skill of 2020, and escaping to the wilderness and experiencing the mountains feels like the perfect way to stay safe and feel that "smallness" that will always put life in perspective. I took this shot as we arrived to our camp spot on the summit right before sunset and love the way the light accentuates the vastness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This trip, over in 24 hours, was a beautiful rejuvenation that was much needed, and thus welcomed.


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