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Week of August 10th

I took a week off of blog posts to soak up a last minute road trip with some friends to the Northeast. It's been on my "life" list to visit all 50 states, but I've never felt much of a rush to make it up to the Northeast. I've heard it was really pretty but hadn't given it much of a full thought - just figured I'd get there when I get there. A group of 7 of us were planning to rent an RV in San Francisco and take it through Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia, and Joshua Tree National Parks, and end our adventure visiting friends in Los Angeles. After several unsteady weeks and deliberating, the group decided it was in our best interest to opt out of plane rides across the country, especially as cases are growing in California. Those of us on the East Coast decided to throw together a last minute adventure driving from Virginia to Maine, stopping in the Adirondacks, Vermont, and New Hampshire for some hiking and backpacking along the way. We rented an Escape Campervan and were dutifully able to social distance and create a rugged and peaceful adventure in the outdoors. We spent 13 days on the trip, sleeping either in our tents or in our vans. Eating every meal outside. We took two campground showers, and cooked some incredible meals. I traded my camera weight for other essentials on the longer excursions and it gave me an opportunity to stay present and still capture some epic shots with my phone. This photo above is one of my favorite from my camera though, the clouds blanketing a beautiful forest of Pines in New Hampshire. Although my iPhone can capture some pretty epic landscapes, it's no match for my camera's ability to reveal the details of the pines among the clouds. This adventure was the definition of a "pivot," but the whole time it felt like a well crafted and epic road trip. I will dutifully recommend the Northeast to anyone willing to listen.


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